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At an age where climate change and environmental disaster looms large, having concern would be mere rhetoric if it was not built on the foundations of practical awareness. Campfire Trails understands we each have an impact on the environment we live in, and at our camps, participants are taught about the importance of understanding the crucial concepts of carbon footprints and efficient waste management. As the fundamentals of these concepts are shared, the individual will have a better picture of his or her impact on the environment and the responsibility that comes along with it.

The prudence and relevance of local culture and traditional practices is taught with the context of environmental preservation and as a way of life as opposed to a patronizing, brochure-like manner. In our trips, traditional practices are experienced by the participants, along with being observed. Along with cultural exposure, our trips enable the young adventurers to understand natural terrain and habitat in an empirical manner, and also the local species that share these spaces with us. These trips are a great platform for the budding botanist or zoologist, as Campfire Trails shares their enthusiasm for local flora and fauna and its conservation.

Campfire Trails believes that in the future generations lies the key to a greener planet, and in our own small way, we make sure that our services and activities are designed to instill responsibility and practical knowledge of the human impact on our natural world.


In the last 4 years Campfire Trails has helped over 1500 students from 17 institutions across the region step away from urban life and get in touch with their roots in a safe, natural environment. Canyoning, camping, kayaking, trekking and bird watching are just a few from the comprehensive list of activities we organise.

At CFT we ensure that along with memories that will last a lifetime, your children will have a positive learning experience at our camps, and develop skills that will stay with them for a long time. CFT provides the stage where participants strengthen their social skills, team work, and showcase their resourcefulness by learning many useful life hacks through fun, activity-filled and educational experiences.

In an age where interaction and socialization is increasingly governed by technology, a getaway like ours offers the opportunity for children to mix with peers and let's them immerse themselves in the outdoors in a secure environment. Our trips can be customized according to a plethora of educational themes like geography or botany, or special interests like Khasi folk music or traditional silk weaving amongst many other options.

Our focus starts at an individual level so the participant is ensured a comfortable environment, one where the extrovert thrives and the shy ones are not left behind. At Campfire Trails, safety always comes first. All our activities are under controlled and secure surroundings using internationally recognized gear and safety equipment that is checked before each use. We also ensure that if an individual has specific dietary requirements, it is taken care of. Our whole team is trained for emergencies and guides are present with all groups during all activities for the entire duration. We also practice ethics such as Fair-Trade and Leave No Trace in all areas and villages that we come in contact with.

Environmental awareness and learning from nature is paramount in today's increasingly urbanized society, and Campfire Trails’ mission is based on this principle. Contact us to learn more about the activities we offer.


Think of it, as an internship with nature.

Our activities are fun, but beyond that they cover a wider spectrum of life skills that participants take away with them when the trip is over. By putting the children in an environment outside their usual comfort zones, and by helping them accomplish simple tasks through an immersive experience, we help develop their confidence levels. Decision making and spontaneity are two factors that are crucial in any young individual's learning stages and our activities are conceived to guide the subject in the direction of self-reliance.

Confidence Building

The Campfire Trails getaways give young participants a stage to explore their own physical abilities, something that is seldom done in today’s ever increasing sedentary lifestyles. Our trips instill a sense of accomplishment through the various activities on offer, whether it is the challenge of finishing an arduous hike, swimming for the first time or getting over a fear of heights.

Problem Solving

Campfire Trail’s activities are not competitive in nature and the participants are divided into groups with some basic responsibilities given to team leaders chosen from amongst them. The non-competitive nature goes a long way in helping the individual focus on the methodology of problem solving rather than the end goal and this philosophy helps our young participants come up with their own brand of resolutions and strategies. Our activities thus provide fertile ground for creative workarounds and ensure a deeper learning experience.

Leadership and Time Management

With the structure of groups and mini-responsibilities, the participants learn about team work and leadership, the latter that is focused on accountability and 'taking a responsibility'. The multitudes of activities, spread out over the tenure of the trips are organized keeping time targets in mind, so these fun exercises also teach the young groups a thing or two about time management.

First Aid and Water Safety

Basic First Aid knowledge is imparted to all participants and their situational awareness skills are sharpened through our activities. The fundamentals of water safety are taught to make sure everyone is comfortable and respectful of the surroundings.

If you are looking for a holistic and educational getaway for your children or wards, Campfire Trails offers you that and more. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions.