A breathtaking drive through the gorges and ranges that the Khasi Hills are famous for


Mawlongbna village is 75 km away from Shillong, a breathtaking drive through the gorges and ranges that the Khasi Hills are famous for. Blessed with lakes and waterfalls amidst abundant flora and fauna, Mawlongbna is a haven for natural historians, with its many fossils that tell of a subterranean past. The surrounding forests are a great place to observe various species of birds and encounter Meghalaya’s state plant, the insectivorous pitcher plant. Mawlongbna’s many water bodies host activities like kayaking and canyoning, and the village is a cultural center with sites like the iew luri lura, a famous location mentioned in Khasi folktales.

Mawphanlur is a high plateau area


Situated close to the highest point of the West Khasi Hills district, Mawphanlur is a high plateau area that is adorned with grassy meadows and seven small lakes. Famous for a view point that offers panoramic vistas of the Assam plains along with the fabled Lum Kyllang and Lum Symper formations, Mawphanlur’s water bodies also offer scenic kayaking and angling. Mawphanlur is a famous spot for stargazing on clear nights and a perfect destination for those looking to experience the beauty of the West Khasi Hills.

Famous for its Eri silk production and scenic beauty


Famous for its eri silk production and scenic beauty, Umden is a village in the gentle hills of Meghalaya’s Ri Bhoi District, and is around 70km away from Shillong. A visit to the village is a chance to experience the culture and heritage of the Bhoi people in an authentic setting. Umden’s scenic beauty offers a lot of outdoor activity and exploration, including heritage walks on its trails, fishing and evening campfires.

Known for Local Organic Honey


Situated between the Sohra and Pynursla ridges, Kongthong village is part of the Khatar Shnong area of East Khasi Hills. The village is known as a center of local organic honey production, and is on the route of many trekking trails across the surrounding region. Newly formed root bridges, bamboo groves, clear water and suspension bridges are just some of the surprises of this part of Meghalaya that is starting to attract avid trekkers and adventure sports enthusiasts.

Sohliya is a nationally famous strawberry cultivation center of Meghalaya


Situated 35 kms from Shillong, Sohliya is a nationally famous strawberry cultivation center of Meghalaya. The village also holds a special place in our itinerary as it is Campfire Trails’ first campsite and the base of many activities like rappelling, rock climbing, zip lining, trekking, bird watching and mountain biking. The "Rock Garden Peak" with a scenic view of the nearby Ritiang village is a famous spot in Sohliya, and involves a trek through the beautiful untouched nature that surrounds the habitation. The nearby river is a great spot for swimming and boating.