In the woods


A night out in the open is an experience to cherish. Besides being a great way to experience the outdoors, CFT’s camping activities also help participants mix with peers as they learn essential outdoor skills like tent pitching and other basic outdoor skills.


Meghalaya’s riverine landscape on a kayak


Paddle through the waters of Meghalaya’s riverine landscape on a kayak. CFT’s kayaking provisions include all the necessary equipment and water safety precautions and well trained professionals are present with the participants at all times.


Amidst the beautiful verdant landscape


A safe and fun activity where participants get to descend down steep rock faces with the help of a rope and climbing harness. CFT offers rappelling amidst the beautiful verdant landscape of Sohliya. Our activities are conducted by professionals and adhere to industry safety standards.


The simplest and yet the most fun activity


The simplest and yet the most fun activity, CFT offers trekking experiences through various locations across Meghalaya. From the pristine forests of Mawlongbna, to the quaint verdant outback of Sohliya, experience the state’s beautiful nature first hand and up close as you trudge through paths of scenic discovery and more.


Slide down waterfalls


Slide down waterfalls, explore dry river beds and swim across the beautiful canyons that dot the region around Mawlongbna. Our canyoning activities are conducted using industry standards safety equipment like ropes, helmets and life jackets, under the supervision of experts at all times.


Strap yourself to a harness and enjoy the thrill

Zip lining

One of our popular activities, strap yourself to a harness and enjoy the thrill of zip lining across the wonderful scenery, jungle canopies and natural sights of Sohliya in Meghalaya. As with all CFT activities, this is done using international standard equipment that is regularly tested by our professionals, who are present at the site at all times.


Come close to the precious fauna of the state

Bird Watching

This CFT activity brings participants close to the precious fauna of the state, as an early morning sojourn into the forests near Mawlongbna allows them to come up close with the bird species of the region, many of them rare and endangered.


Experiences in the tranquil waters of Mawlongbna


CFT offers you snorkeling experiences in the tranquil waters of Mawlongbna amidst a pastiche of breathtaking natural sights. Marvel at the rich aqua culture of the region’s rivers and lakes as fish like puffers, eels and carps come up close to you in their natural habitat.


Pristine locations across Meghalaya


CFT getaways offer great swimming spots in pristine locations across Meghalaya. From highland lakes to jungle streams, enjoy the splendor of the state’s wild and seldom visited waterways. At our camps, all swimming activities are conducted under expert supervision in safe areas.