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Premier Outdoor and Adventure Travel Company in Shillong

About CampFire Trails

Campfire Trails is a group of local outdoor enthusiasts that have come together to provide Adventure and Outdoor experiences across many unique destinations in Meghalaya to School & College children, to the discerning traveller, the Adventure seeker and the Travellers who wish to explore and experience all we have to offer. We are not just about the adventure and travel experiences which we provide, we also conduct comprehensive trainings and workshops on outdoors safety & ethics and have been involved in various rural development and eco tourism projects.

Our company was founded in 2011 by Aaron and Zorba Laloo, two individuals from Shillong who wanted to create a platform with the aim of getting children and young adults away from the drudgery of urban life and letting them experience the wonderful outdoors. Campfire Trails is an industry pioneer and was amongst the first organizations to provide adventure tourism and access to remote areas of the region.

School And College Trips

Since its inception, Campfire Trails has organized group trips for school and college students from many educational institutions in the region. In an age where interaction and socialization has been compressed into the touchscreen, we provide natural getaways and opportunities for children to mix with peers and immerse themselves in the outdoors in a secure and controlled environment. Our activities encourage experiential learning and these trips are designed to develop a participant's skills and aptitudes in many areas. Activities like camping, kayaking, trekking and canyoning take children closer to their roots in nature and offer them a chance to experience things that are not easily accessible.

Our trips can be customized according to a plethora of educational themes like geography and botany, or special interests like Khasi folk music, traditional silk weaving and more.

Adventure Trips Customized For Travellers

Campfire Trails is the premier Outdoor and Adventure Travel Company in Shillong, Meghalaya. Our Camping, Adventure Tour Packages and Village/Rural Travel Tour Packages are designed to get your adrenaline pumping for an unforgettable experience in this part of North East India. We customize Adventure and Outdoor Tour Packages to suit various need depending on interests, durations and the exotic destinations we work in. The range of our adventure activities coupled with a mix of immersing our guests in the local culture of the area is sure to ensure a memorable experience. We pay an exceptional amount of attention to the small details during all our trips and also to the safety aspects for our guests.

Training And SkillsDevelopment

Campfire Trails has been actively involved in training and skills development since its inception. In 2012, we trained several guides from the state and during the Year of the Youth which was conducted between November 2012 and April 2013, we collaborated with more than fifteen educational institutions to impart basic outdoor skills and knowledge to their students. In 2015 Campfire Trails imparted water safety training guides from different cooperative societies from various districts of Meghalaya.

Promoting Host Villages

Along with outdoor experiences, Campfire Trails endorses the preservation and protection of unique eco spaces and the cultures of rural Meghalaya. As part of this endeavor, we have acted as a consultant for conceptualizing and executing the development of rural tourism projects at various locations, identified by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Meghalaya. Campfire Trails has worked with the villages of Amlarem, Kongthong, Mawlongbna, Mawlyngot, Nonglang, Umden and Mawphanlur to develop them as eco driven tourist destinations in the state.

  • We work with locals and help them develop their eco tourism projects, making efficient use of the host village's space and resources.
  • We use indigenous material and vernacular architectural styles for the camp sites and guest houses in the host villages.
  • We provide local guides and stakeholders training and capacity building in hospitality, catering, guest management, outdoor safety and ethics and water safety.